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As a recent graduate, I've witnessed first hand the challenges of creating a paper fit for success. Whether you need a resume, business cover letter, copywriter, essay writer, writing tutor or random paper you need help with; WE ARE HERE. The Pencil Warriors are here to defeat these devious papers for you. 



The Battle: Stuck in the creative void? Fret not our Pencils are here to save you!


Abilities: Tips, One- On One Conferences, Revisions, Editing, and Writing 

Resume &
Cover LEtter

The Battle: Perhaps the most challenging of papers. This is literally a life or death situation. Luckily our warriors are prepared to skewer this beast for you.

Abilities: Resume Service, Writing Coaching, Revision, Editing, Job Analysis, Mock Interview


The Battle: The OG Boss Battle, as some would put it. Our warriors have defeated many of these fearsome papers. No Length or Topic is too tough for our Warriors!


Abilities: Writing, Editing, Essay Writing Tutor, Brainstorming, Outline Help


The Battle: A strenuous journey it is to come out victorious in this fight. Fortunately you are not alone. We are here to help you create content that'll take those breathes away!

Abilities: Copywriting, Content Writer, Coaching, Business Analysis